Modelo Crocs: The Perfect Summer Accessory

Summer is here and there’s no better way to kick off the season than with a new pair of Crocs and an ice-cold Modelo beer. This summer, Beer Crocs has teamed up with Modelo to bring you a collaboration that brings together two of the best summer pastimes – stylishly comfy shoes and refreshing beer. Here’s what you need to know about the Modelo and Crocs collaboration. 

The Collaboration 

The Modelo and Crocs collaboration features the iconic Classic Clog silhouette with an all-over print featuring iconic Modelo branding elements. These shoes are designed to make a statement while still providing comfort, thanks to their Croslite foam cushioning. To complete the look, each pair also comes with three interchangeable Jibbitz charms in different colors. With these shoes on your feet and a cold one in your hand, you’ll be ready for whatever this summer throws at you. 

Unique Design Elements 

The Modelo and Crocs collaboration features unique design elements that set it apart from other collaborations between these two brands. Specifically, this collaboration includes a breathable perforated upper for maximum ventilation on hot days and an embossed footbed for extra grip and traction when walking on wet or slippery surfaces. Additionally, each pair of shoes is embossed with “Modelo” branding on the heel for an extra touch of style. 

A Refreshing Combination 

Crocs and Modelo are two brands that were made for each other – both embody fun, comfort, and style. With the release of this collaboration, fans of both brands can enjoy a truly refreshing combination of style, comfort, and refreshment this summer season! So grab yourself a pair of these shoes (and maybe an ice-cold beer) and get ready to take on the world this summer!  

Check out model: Modelo Especial Beer Crocs, white and simple logo


The Modelo and Crocs collaboration is sure to be one of the hottest trends this summer! Featuring comfortable croc material combined with iconic Modelo branding elements, these shoes will help you make a statement while keeping your feet comfortable all day long. Plus they come with interchangeable Jibbitz charms so you can customize them even more! So grab yourself a pair before it’s too late – get ready for ultimate refreshment and comfort this summer season!