45 Thoughtful Christian Gifts for Women to Show Up Their Faith

Christian Gifts for women printeeaz

Whenever someone gave or received one of the special Christian gifts, it brought back fond memories of those times when Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).

Christian women are always looking for ways to show their faith. They always collect several pieces of jewelry and home décor items that represent the values she held dear – but there always seemed to be something missing. That’s when she discovered Christian gifts for women. And if you have any special women in your lives who significantly impact your faith journey, why you don’t give something special to these faithful believers? That’s why we compiled a list of 45 thoughtful Christian gifts for women to show their faith.

1. Jesus Necklace:

Show off your faith with a gorgeous necklace! This elegant piece of jewelry is crafted from sterling silver or gold-plated materials. It features the classic silhouette of Jesus Christ, providing you with an understated reminder that His grace and love are always close at hand.

2. “Keep Calm and Pray” Mug:

All My Hope Is In Jesus Christian Mug For Gifts

This ‘Keep Calm, and Pray’ mug is a Christian gift designed to comfort women during difficult times. It reminds us of the power of faith in God and how prayer can strengthen us emotionally and spiritually as we endure challenging circumstances. As a Christian symbol, the mug inspires women with the divine power of faith, providing them with an important reminder that there is hope even during our darkest moments.

3. Christian Bracelet:

For any woman of faith looking for a way to keep their beliefs close, an inspirational Christian bracelet might just be the perfect accessory. Embossed with meaningful and heartfelt bible verses, these bracelets offer daily encouragement sure to bolster any women religious convictions!

4. Christian Wall Art:

At Christian Wall Art, we have a vast selection of Christian gifts designed specifically for women. From the iconic “The Hand of God” painting to Bible-themed wall art, Christian Wall Art prides itself on providing Christian women with beautiful, meaningful objects to grace their homes. Our 10 Commandments Christian Gifts are especially popular and feature stunning visuals underscored by the timeless words of scripture. We guarantee that Christian Wall Art contains something special for every Christian woman in your life and provides you with an opportunity to share your faith in a unique way.

5. Scripture Pillows:

A cushion cover featuring one of the many comforting words from the Bible is sure to bring joy and peace into any living space. Proverbs 31:25 Pillowcase: Gift her a reminder that she is wonderfully made with a pillowcase featuring the popular bible verse, “She is clothed with strength and dignity” (Proverbs 31:25).

6. Christian Journal:

Capture your spiritual journey with a beautiful Christian journal embossed with bible verses. Write down divine inspirations on each page, and never forget the words of God as you go along on life’s path!

7. Scripture throw blanket:

God Is Light Christian Blanket Gift

A scripture blanket featuring the bible verse Luke 1:45 is a great way to show her you care about her faith journey and Christian beliefs. This Christian gift commemorates a beautiful part of scripture and is also the perfect way for someone special in your life to stay warm and cozy when winter temperatures drop. With its ultra-plush fabric, this Christian throw blanket makes a heartfelt and meaningful gift that will bring comfort and joy whenever it’s wrapped around her shoulders. At PrinteeAZ website, there are thousands of Christian Blankets, such as “Jesus Is Risen Christian Blanket” or “God Is Light Christian Blanket” for you to choose.

8. “Trust in the Lord” Tote Bag:

The eye-catching design reminds you of the Christian faith – a bible verse printed on top – while also providing enough space inside to hold all your essentials. This Christian tote bag is just what you need to be reminded of your trust in God while carrying all your day-to-day items. It’ll make a wonderful Christian gift that’ll bring joy, purpose, and comfort to any woman with Christian faith!

9. Christian Phone Case:

Christian Phone Case printeeaz

Equip herself with an inspirational phone case that’ll encourage and uplift your woman – it’s embossed with bible verses to remind her of God’s guidance every time she grabs your device. Whenever life throws a curveball, His love will be right there in the palm of her hand!

10. Hope Jar:

One of the most beloved Christian gifts for women is a ‘Hope Jar.’ A hope jar is usually filled to the brim with inspiring messages, bible verses, and quotes that remind us of God’s goodness and blessings. This Christian soul-care gift gives hope to those in times of despair and provides the recipient with comfort and solace. With this Christian gift, you can show your special someone how much you care by being a faithful source of encouragement.

11. Jesus Phone Stand:

An adorable phone stand featuring Jesus Christ’s silhouette will ensure her device stands upright and steady at all times – like how Jesus provides stability for His followers.

12. Faith Candle Holder:

Our Christian Faith Candle Holder is the perfect way to decorate any women modern home or office in a tasteful and meaningful way. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring Bible verses, this candle holder will bring faith into any living space with dignity and grace. Give Christian gifts for women that keep their loved ones close in spirit and inspire with faith-filled reminders.

13. Bible Verse Keychain:

Christian gifts for women, such as a bible verse keychain, remind them of the true source of their strength and direction, which they can access at any moment. Allowing God to lead the way brings peace in daily life, and the keychain is the perfect Christian gift for a woman of faith. This meaningful trinket containing inspirational Psalm 37:23 will be an encouraging sight whenever needed, making it an excellent Christian gift to receive.

14. Christian Bedding Sets:

Christian bedding sets are a thoughtful and meaningful Christian gift to give women. Not only do they offer comfort and warmth as we get into bed, but they also inspire us spiritually with Christian motifs. From bible verses like Psalms 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God” – to Christian symbols, these Christian bedding sets add beauty, peace, and a reminder of God’s presence in the space. With Christian gifts like these, you can bring happiness to women’s bedrooms with lasting quality pieces.

15. Daily Devotion Book:

A book of daily devotions is perfect for any woman who wants to reflect on the scriptures and deepen her relationship with God. This powerful tool offers a new spiritual journey each day and provides insight into the Bible’s messages of faith, love, and hope.

16. Scripture Wall Clock:

A modern and meaningful wall clock to grace any home or office for the women in your life: the Scripture Wall Clock. This beautiful décor piece features a bible verse that reminds you how “precious” every moment is—as Ecclesiastes 3:1 knows all too well!

17. Jesus Wall Plaque:

Looking for a gorgeous decorative piece to add some inspiring vibes to your women’s home? Look no further than this elegant Jesus wall plaque! Boasting an awe-inspiring image of the Son of God and coupled with uplifting scripture, it’s sure to bring peace and joy into any space.

18. Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweaters:

Nurse Life Jesus Saves Christian Sweater Gifts

Christian women can mark this holiday season in style with Christian-themed sweaters featuring Jesus! These ‘ugly’ sweaters will bring smiles and a bit of joy, featuring catchy mantras like “King Of The World Christian Sweater” or “Christmas Begins with Christ”. They make an ideal Christian gift for any woman of faith and are sure to bring warmth and cheer during the winter months. Whether it’s presented as an act of charity or simply as an expression of Christian love, these Jesus sweaters will always be appreciated!

19. Bible Verse Magnets:

Christian gifts for women don’t have to be regular and boring – with bible verse magnets, Christian women can express their faith in a fun and creative way! Featuring beautiful designs and inspiring quotes from the Bible, these adorable magnets are perfect for everyday reminders on the fridge, desk, or anywhere else in your home.

20. Christian Jewelry Box:

Christian jewelry boxes are the perfect Christian gifts for women who love to collect and keep safe special pieces of jewelry. These Christian-themed boxes make a great gift idea for special occasions, such as a graduation or a baptism! The stunning scripture and Christian artwork that adorns these boxes convey Christian values and serve as wonderful reminders of faith. Christian jewelry boxes make every woman feel blessed and loved, whether as a wedding, birthday, or Christmas present.

21. Psalm 46:5 Prayer Stones:

Christian gifts for women don’t have to be boring or predictable – challenge the status quo with something meaningful and decorative, such as prayer stones featuring Psalm 46:5. These Christian artifacts feature a beautiful passage that reminds her that God is within her, so she will never fall. A unique Christian present, these prayer stones double up both as decoration and a source of strength during times of stress or uncertainty – the perfect Christian gift for any special woman in your life!

22. Cross Necklace:

Give that faithful woman in your life a beautiful reminder of Jesus’ love with an exquisite Christian cross necklace! Cross Necklace crafted from sterling silver or gold-plated material; it’s the perfect way to show her just how much you care.

23. Christian T-Shirts with Christmas theme:

Jesus Saves Christian T Shirts

Christian t-shirts with Christmas themes make great Christian gifts for women, and they’re also super fashionable. Put in a bit of thought and get your special lady a tee that rocks and highlights her faith while at the same time showcasing her style this festive season. Christian T-Shirts come in all kinds of styles, such as “Happy Birthday Jesus Christian T-Shirts” or “Merry Christmas with Jesus’s love,” with various Christian graphics or bible verses, so you won’t find it hard to pick out something she’ll love! Let her show off her Christian spirit during Christmas in a cute and comfy Christian t-shirt. One of the well-known POD websites, printeeaz.com, has thousands of unique designs in Christian T-shirts in Christmas themes for you to choose from.

24. Bible Carrying Case:

Transform her daily bible readings with this sleek and stylish carrying case! Crafted specifically for spiritual materials, it features a beautiful scripture verse to remind her of the Lord’s comforting presence all day. Make study time easier – help your special lady stay organized while spreading His word too!

25. Philippians 4:13 Scarf:

Christian gifts for women are thoughtful reminders of faith, and there is none more powerful or meaningful than a Philippians 4:13 scarf. In a world full of uncertainties and doubts, the message found in this beloved passage is one of hope and courage. Whether you give it to your sister, daughter, or best friend, this Christian gift will provide comfort and strength each time they wrap it around their neck and remember that God promises to be with them in all things.

26. Jesus Rock:

Celebrate your faith in style with a beautiful reminder of Jesus! Give the special women in your life an eye-catching rock featuring our Lord and Savior, sure to bring joy and encouragement at any time.

27. Nehemiah 8:10 Water Bottle:

Christian women can stay hydrated and stylish at the same time with this convenient water bottle featuring Bible scripture in Nehemiah 8:10 “The Joy of the Lord is My Strength”! It’s an ideal accessory for any modern woman of faith who needs to get it done.

28. Christian Ornaments:

Christian Ornaments are the perfect Christian gifts for women. These festive decorations feature a bible verse or religious symbol and come in many different styles, including cute Christmas Snowman Santa Claus, love Baby Yoda, and many other embellishments representing Christian values. Christian Ornaments showcase the Christian message of peace, love, and joy during the holiday season and will make a meaningful addition to any Christmas tree. From Christian ornaments with inspiring messages to well-crafted designs featuring beautiful colors, there is something to please everyone. With Christian ornaments, every Christian family can have an extra measure of joy and inspiration this Christmas!

29. Abide’ Coir Doormat:

Help her to make a statement at the doorway to her home with this “Abide in Him” doormat! A beautiful reminder of John 15:4, it’s an inspiring Christian gift perfect for any woman believer. Welcoming everyone into the humble abode will have extra meaning when greeted by these words – Abide in Him today and always! This a great way for everyone entering the home, from family members to guests alike, to reflect on this important message!

30. Scripture Car Coasters:

Make her commute time a spiritual journey with these special car coasters featuring an inspirational quote from Scripture and Bible! It’s the perfect Christian gift for women, reminding them to stay focused on their faith even when life gets hectic.

31. Christian Cross Logo Cuffed Beanie:

Christian Cross Logo Cuffed Beanie is a perfect gift for the Jesus believers woman to show up her beliefs during the colder winter months; this fashionable beanie is much more than just a way to keep her head warm; it also serves as a statement of her beliefs. Created with an embroidered Christian cross logo and made from top-quality materials, this cuffed beanie is both practical and stylish, making it an ideal Christian gift for special occasions.

32. Christian Music CD:

Treat her to an inspirational audio experience! This Christian Music CD will fill her with joy as she listens to uplifting songs of praise and thanksgiving. It’s the perfect way for her spirits to soar no matter where she may be.

33. Bible Wind Chimes:

Bible Wind Chimes printeeaz

Give the perfect Christian gift to your favorite woman – a unique wind chime adorned with a Bible verse or religious symbol! These decorative items will bring an instant sense of peace and tranquility, whether placed in her home or outside of nature.

34. Faith Over Fear Ball Cap:

Show your favorite Christian woman how much you care with a Faith Over Fear ball cap – the perfect present for any occasion!. Whether she’s an avid cap wearer or just one who appreciates inspirational gifts from time to time, Faith Over Fear hats look attractive and stylish and help her make a bold statement about her faith in everyday life. This Faith Over Fear message makes an excellent birthday or Christmas present for any special someone as a strong reminder of how powerful faith is even in fear.

35. Christian Tea Towel:

Add a bit of divine inspiration to her kitchen with this Christian tea towel! Featuring beautiful bible verses, it’ll make cleanup an uplifting experience. Perfect for drying dishes or soaking up spills – and adding everyday joy too!

36. Christian Art Prints:

Art prints featuring bible verses or religious symbols are a great addition to any home, providing inspiration and reminders of the Lord’s presence in her life.

37. Funny religious socks:

Christian gifts for women don’t have to be the standard crosses and Christian-themed jewelry. For those who appreciate Christian humor, try giving them a pair of funny religious socks! These socks come with bible verses and Christian sayings that are sure to draw a smile. Whether it’s Christmas time or any other special occasion throughout the year, these Christian gifts for women will add a touch of fun and faith to any wardrobe.

38. Christian Ring Dish:

A thoughtful ring dish featuring a bible verse is an inspiring reminder to keep our lives focused on Jesus and His teachings.

39. Bible Scripture Kitchen Apron:

Christian women who love to cook will appreciate the Christian gift of an apron with Bible scripture. This thoughtful and meaningful kitchen accessory not only adds color and style to the kitchen space but is also a reminder of faith and a personal connection to Christian guidance. The Bible verses on the apron can also serve as an inspiration during busy days in the kitchen while preparing delicious treats. It’s perfect for Christian women looking for Christian gifts that show appreciation and admiration.

40. Religious garden stones:

Give a truly meaningful gift to the special woman in your life with religious garden stones! Let them express their faith and bring inspiration into their outdoor space with beautiful, scripture-engraved stones. This a thoughtful way to show you care!

41. Angel-Themed Decor:

Gift an angelic reminder this season! Show your loved one that guardian angels are always by her side with a special piece of angel-themed decor. Whether it be a gorgeous figurine, detailed statuette, or inspiring wall art – every woman will cherish having these near and dear to their heart.

42. Plans to Give You Hope & a Future Tumbler:

A stainless steel tumbler with the words “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord (Jeremiah 29:11) is a great way to remind us of God’s promises.

43. Wooden scripture wall art:

A wooden scripture wall art with bible verses inscribed is a fantastic idea that combines meaningful words of faith with beautiful home decor. Can hang in any room, these wooden wall arts with verses will provide an ever-present reminder of God’s words and actions as an inspiration to the recipient. Wooden scripture wall art also makes a thoughtful Christian gift for any woman who enjoys creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in her home.

44. Inspirational Jewelry:

Inspire her with beautiful jewelry featuring a bible verse, Christian symbol, or uplifting message that she can carry close to her heart. Let this special item remind your loved one they need to stay positive and motivated throughout their day.

45. Jeremiah 29:11 Spa Gift Box:

Spoil her with the perfect spa gift box, loaded with all the essentials to give her a luxurious experience. This special set comes complete with an uplifting biblical reminder of God’s love and faithfulness in our lives—an indispensable present for anyone who needs peace and positivity!

We hope this list of Christian gifts for women has inspired you to find the perfect present for that special woman in your life! Whether it be a meaningful piece of jewelry, inspirational tumbler, religious garden stones, angel-themed decor, Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweaters, or wooden scripture wall art – each item is sure to make her feel loved and appreciated. These items are all thoughtful reminders of God’s love and faithfulness — what better way to show appreciation than with these unique presents?

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