Top 55+ Perfect Christian Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Christian Gifts for Kids printeeaz

Finding the unique Christian gifts for the little ones in your life can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking for a present for kids of which age, we’ve compiled a list of 55+ perfect Christian gifts for kids of all ages from toddlers, preschoolers, to elementary-aged children. From Bible story books to toys with biblical messages and music CDs to puzzles, there’s something here to suit every age group and surely bring joy and inspiration.

15 Christian Gifts For Toddlers 

For newborns, young toddlers, and babies on up, these Christian gifts will give the little ones in your life hours of fun—and all with an uplifting message! Here are some ideas that are sure to please:

Wooden Push Toy in Bible Characters

Let your little ones explore their faith with this cheerful wooden push toy! It’s overflowing with vibrant colors, and the cross design will remind them of God’s enduring love. Plus, it has wheels so they can zoom around as if zooming through Bible stories.

“Jesus Loves Kids” Onesie

Jesus Loves Kids Onesie

Baby showers and birthdays, especially for Christian families, can bring about a fantastic opportunity to give Christian gifts to kids. A “Jesus Loves Kids” onesie is an ideal gift to give during such occasions as it helps convey Christian teachings of love and kindness at such a young age. This Christian garment’s colorful and cute designs make it the perfect token for Christmas or even first birthday baby celebrations for toddlers. 

“Hello 2 Kids Dance with Jesus” Sound Book

Christian parents looking for the perfect Christian gifts for their little ones will find something special in the “Hello 2 Kids Dance with Jesus” Sound Book. These thoughtful Christian-themed musical toys and books make wonderful Christian presents for toddlers of any age. Little ones will love learning about Jesus through chime bars, music decks, and rocking horses that offer biblical teachings and fun, imaginative play. These Christian gifts for toddlers will surely bring a smile to your little one’s face.

“Sweet Baby Jesus” Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sweet Baby Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christian gifts for toddlers will be special this Christmas season when parents choose “Sweet Baby Jesus” ugly Christmas sweaters. This fun and festive knit tops are adorably decorated with Christian-inspired patterns, sure to capture the attention of little ones and make them smile. Each Christian sweater is crafted from luxuriously soft yarn that is comfortable against the skin and easily machine-washable for fuss-free maintenance. The festive Christian motifs on these sweaters are an excellent way to show your little one all the warmth and joy of the holiday season while still celebrating Christian traditions.

My First Noahs Ark Baby Gift Set

My first Noahs Ark Baby Gift Set printeeaz

The My First Noah’s Ark Baby Gift Set is an excellent choice for parents seeking Christian gifts for their toddlers. It includes a cuddly plush Noah’s Ark toy and four pairs of stuffed animals, giving children a unique way to experience the Christian story from when they were very young. Not only does this toy promote faith, but it also provides hours of creative playtime for Christian toddlers around the world, inspiring their imaginations through interactive storytelling and imaginative play. 

Puzzle Bible Set for Toddlers

Give them something fun and educational with this set of three puzzles featuring scenes from the Bible. They’ll love piecing together stories such as Noah’s ark or Daniel in the lion’s den. 

Religious theme socks

Religious theme socks

Religious socks make thoughtful and meaningful presents that toddlers can appreciate and use. The socks come in vibrant colors, patterns, and Christian symbols, so not only do they fit into religious occasions such as Christmas or Easter, but they also act as a friendly reminder of their faith. Socks are great Christian-themed gifts because they are practical, comfortable, and have made a lasting impression for years.

“Love them anyway” Luke 23:34 T-shirt

Jesus Loves You Funny Christian T Shirts

When looking for christian t-shirts for toddlers, there is nothing more meaningful than a “Love them anyway” Luke 23:34 T-shirt. It provides a gift that honors religious beliefs and comes in a charming cross design with pink colors to make the little one feel extra special when wearing it. With its comfortable fit and beautiful colors, this is the perfect way to show how much you care about someone being raised in the faith.

Personalized Bible story with their Name

A great way to start them off is by giving them a personalized Bible with their name on it. They’ll love seeing their name in print and will have a special connection to God’s Word from an early age. 

Christian Bible verses kid’s pillow

Christian Bible verses kids pillow

A popular Christian gift for toddlers is a personalized pillow with their favorite Bible verse – Jesus loves me. Not only will the soft pillow keep them cozy at bedtime, but it’ll also serve as a gentle reminder that Jesus’ love is always with them. The pillows come in cheerful cartoon designs that appeal to children, making them the perfect gifts for little Christian ones of all ages who will treasure the meaningful reminder of God’s love during their formative years.

Cuddly Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals are always a hit with babies and toddlers. Look for one that has Christian symbols or messages printed so they can learn about God’s love from even the youngest age. 

Personalized Prayer Photo Book Album

Christian gifts for kids are perfect for introducing them to a faith-filled life. Personalized Prayer Photo book albums, which contain Christian prayers and cherished photos explicitly tailored for each toddler, make a significant keepsake gift. The books can be read as quiet time stories or used as decorations in any nursery. 

Little People Nativity

Little People Nativity printeeaz

Little People Nativity sets make fantastic gifts for toddlers and preschoolers this Christmas! Little People Nativity sets are famous for helping young children reenact the birth of Jesus. They are made in colorful, child-friendly versions that show the Holy Family attending to baby Jesus – perfect visuals for helping kids understand the Christmas story in a fun and meaningful way. Little People Nativity sets can be purchased conveniently either online website PrinteeAZ or in local gift stores and make ideal gifts for giving around Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. 

Little People Noah’s Ark

Little People Noah’s Ark is an excellent Christian gift option for kids! Little ones and toddlers will love playing with Noah and his family as they board the ark with many animals. In addition to being a fun and beloved toy, Little People Noah’s Ark also serves as a great way to introduce young ones to the story of the Bible. With Little People Noah’s Ark, children can enjoy ongoing adventures with each exciting playtime together!

Christian Christmas books

What better gifts than Christian Christmas books? Perfect for toddlers, favorites from the list are ones like God Gave Us Christmas because of its colorful and cute bible characters that bring the story to life. Reading these books together with a story about love and acceptance can be meaningful opportunities to share the message of Jesus Christ from a young age.

20 Christian Gifts For Preschoolers 

These age-appropriate gifts will keep preschoolers engaged while inspiring them with Christian messages at the same time! Here are some great ideas:

Kids Bible Songs CD

Kids can learn meaningful lessons through music, and Kids Bible Songs Cd is the perfect way to introduce little ones to God’s Word. This Kids Bible Songs CD features timeless classics such as “God is So Good” and “I’m in the Lord’s Army” that preschoolers of all ages will enjoy singing. It’s the perfect gift for parents and children alike, delivering an excitingly fun way to become familiar with bible stories and help tote around God’s messages of love and joy. Share your faith with a special child by gifting Kids Bible Songs CD today! 

Bible Scripture funny mugLadybug Jesus Loves Me Christian Mug

This fun mug features bible verses set to humorous and memorable illustrations that will help children learn scripture uniquely and entertainingly. Bible Scripture Funny Mug is the perfect gift for preschoolers this Christmas season, as it helps them explore the Bible with playful visuals that can easily be understood. Plus, this mug makes a great keepsake for parents who want to remember the special moments shared with their preschoolers. 

Bible Coloring Book

Bible coloring books make the perfect gifts for young children! From Genesis to Revelation, Bible Coloring Books are a wonderful way to introduce preschoolers to Bible verses. Through Bible coloring books, preschoolers can begin to learn Bible stories while also having fun with colors – perfect for stimulating their young minds and helping them understand God’s word playfully! These Bible coloring books come with black-and-white copies of scripture verses that offer illustrations for children to color and express themselves in an engaging and meaningful way.

Storybook Set

Give your preschooler hours of reading pleasure with this set of five storybooks based on popular Bible stories like Jonah and David & Goliath. Each book has vibrant illustrations and easy-to-understand language for kids’ readers just starting!  

Christian stickers for kid’s bag

Lord Is My Shepherd Christian Stickers

Give your child’s backpack a unique and meaningful twist with Christian stickers. These stickers feature bible verses, symbols of faith, and positive messages that will remind your kids of God’s love every day. Let your preschooler show off their faith engagingly with these fun Christian stickers!

Galilean Boat Playset

Galilean Boat Playset is a perfect gift to give preschoolers this holiday—it’s not only educational and fun but also provides a spiritual element that no other gift can give. This playset includes a Galilean boat, 12 Apostles figures, a Jesus figure, and a mini storybook describing how Jesus walked with his apostles on the Sea of Galilee. It’s an inspiring way to help young children develop their faith in God and learn more about Jesus’ ministry.

Scripture Lullabies Bear

Scripture Lullabies Bear is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for preschoolers this Christmas season. This Christian-themed product contains scripture set to orchestra-like music, with light vocals that can help the little ones fall asleep peacefully. Scripture Lullabies would be a welcome addition to any parent’s toy collection and introduce foundational scripture to their lives at an early age.

Christian cute crocs

Christian cute crocs

Your little one will be comfortable and stylish with these fun Christian crocs. These shoes feature uplifting bible verses, symbols of faith, and colorful designs that will surely bring a smile to your preschooler’s face. Plus, they’re durable enough to keep up with your active little one!

Scripture Jewelry

Scripture jewelry typically features scripture from the Bible presented as beautiful decorations in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. By giving Scripture jewelry, you give your little girl a reminder of God’s word daily. Scripture Jewelry is an ideal gift for young children with such designs available, including crosses, teddy bears, and ducks. Plus, Scripture Jewelry appeals to girls of all ages – so these scriptures can grow as she matures into a godly adult. 

Christian DVD

Christian DVDs for preschoolers are a great way to help guide their learning and spiritual growth. Share the message of Jesus with your little one through fun, kid-friendly Christian DVDs featuring content such as Bible stories, songs, activities, and more! Whether it’s a classic story or an original animation, plenty of options will teach your children about faith and help them grow in their understanding of scripture.

Christian T-shirt for Kids

Christian T shirt for Kids printeeaz

Show off your child’s faith in style with a stylish Christian t-shirt. These shirts feature uplifting Bible verses, symbols of faith, and positive messages that will remind them to stay strong in their beliefs. Let your preschooler wear this comfortable t-shirt whenever they want to demonstrate their commitment to Christ in an engaging and fashionable way!

Christian board game

This popular word-matching game has been adapted specifically for kids with a biblical twist. Apples to Apples Bible Edition teaches preschoolers about scripture, bible stories, and Christian character development – promoting spiritual growth in an interactive and fun way. Give the special preschooler in your life a unique Christian gift this holiday season, Apples to Apples Bible Edition.

Kids Bible Songs CD

Give your child something to sing along with this fun collection of songs designed for preschoolers. From singing about Jesus’ love to celebrating the joys of friendship, Kids Bible Songs CD is sure to be a hit with the little ones in your life. This CD will help preschoolers learn scripture and Bible stories in a fun and playful way while also giving them something to sing!

Bible story pillowcase

Bible story pillowcase

An inspirational pillowcase featuring Bible story image is the perfect way to encourage your child each night before bed. This soft and comfortable pillowcase will help your little one wind down while also helping them learn children’s Bible story. Let this pillowcase be a comforting reminder of God’s love for your preschooler as they drift off to sleep.

My Little Lamb

This interactive educational toy combines the teachings of scripture with fun games and activities for preschoolers. Through this engaging toy, your child can playfully learn about scripture while also discovering new characters and stories taught directly from the Bible. My Little Lamb makes the perfect gift for any special preschooler this holiday season!

Cute Christian beanie hat for boys

Cute Christian beanie hat for kids printeeaz

Let your child show off their faith in style with this adorable beanie hat. This cozy hat features an embroidered Bible verse, making it the perfect accessory for any preschooler who wants to demonstrate their commitment to Christ. Whether they play outside or attend church services, this cute Christian beanie will help spread the word of God!

Lift-the-Flap Bible

Read the stories of Jesus with this fun and interactive Lift-the-Flap Bible. Young children can explore the Bible in a colorful, tactile way as they lift flaps and discover hidden surprises on each page. This is an engaging way to teach your preschooler about scripture while also being entertaining and educational!

Prayer Cards

Teach your preschooler the importance of prayer with these charming and thought-provoking Prayer Cards. Each card features a different Bible verse that encourages children to speak directly to God, making it the perfect way to learn about faith in an age-appropriate manner. Let your child carry these cards wherever they go as a reminder of God’s love and grace.

Good Night Bible Storybook for Kids PrinteeAZ

Good Night Bible Storybook

Get your child ready for bed with this cozy and comforting Good Night Bible Storybook. This book features stories from the Bible that are sure to warm their hearts and minds while also sharing messages of faith in a gentle way. Plus, it’s perfect for cuddling before they drift off to sleep.

Crafts & Activities

Craft kits designed specifically for preschoolers make wonderful presents as they help develop creativity while teaching important religious lessons at the same time.   

20 Christian Gifts For Elementary Age Kids 

For those slightly older kids who are already reading proficiently or learning more complex concepts in school, these Christian gifts for kids make great presents that combine education and entertainment:

Christian Magnet Sets

Christian Magnet Sets are a great way to encourage Christian values for elementary-age kids. Help them express themselves creatively by giving them a magnet set featuring various images like crosses or bible verses which can be arranged however they’d like onto any magnetic surface such as a refrigerator door or locker wall! 

Christian Ornaments

Christian Ornaments for Christian

Christian ornaments are a perfect way to remind children of their faith and bring joy to their hearts. Discover the diverse range of Christian ornaments that feature different characters and messages to find the perfect ornament for each child on your list. Christian ornaments symbolize religious roots and serve as long-lasting reminders of Christian values that can pass from generation to generation with pride.

Bible Action Figures

Bring biblical stories to life by giving your elementary-aged kid action figures based on characters from scripture, such as Moses or Esther. Each figure includes accessories so they can reenact famous Bible scenes or create new ones all their own! 

Bible Educational Toys

Look around the online website or at specialty stores until you find an educational toy related to Christianity. Pick some Bible Educational Toys, such as those featuring puzzles related to religious topics or board games based on Biblical characters/stories, which will help your child continue learning even after school has let out!  

Supper Heros of the Bible Stickers

Supper Heros of the Bible Stickers printeeaz

Supper Heros of the Christian stickers are a great way to spread joy and inspire children with stories from scripture. Suitable for kids ages 3-10, Supper Heros of the Bible Stickers make a perfect present for any occasion! The stickers feature spiritual figures from the Bible, such as Noah, Moses, and Jesus, surrounded by vibrant colors and fun designs. Supper Heros of the Bible Stickers will surely delight young hearts as these characters come alive in their imaginations and serve as reminders of some of the most important Judeo-Christian stories. 

Bible Bingo

Bring a bit of fun to faith-filled learning with Bible Bingo – the game that combines scripture and board gaming into one exciting experience! Perfect for ages 6+, this Christian gift is sure to become a favorite at family game night!

Sunday School Supplies

Help your children’s Sunday school class have fun during their lessons by giving them supplies like markers, crayons, and pencils with Bible-themed designs. From pens to erasers to coloring pages featuring stories from scripture – there’s something for everyone!

Scripture Stuffed Animals

Perfect for bedtime snuggles or a playmate during lessons, scripture stuffed animals make an excellent gift for children of all ages. These adorable plushies feature inspirational quotes from the Bible and come in a variety of sizes and styles so your child can pick their favorite one!

My First Prayer Box

My First Prayer Box printeeaz

This unique “First Prayer Box” contain customizable cards on which children can write down their prayers and reflections, providing them with a tangible way to talk to God. My First Prayer Box includes encouraging artwork, whimsical fabrics, Bible verse cards, and a pocket folder where children can keep special notes. This meaningful gift encourages mindfulness among young kids as they begin to explore their faith journey while making meaningful connections between spirituality and daily life.

Bible Cover for Kids

Let your child take their favorite Bible stories and passages to school, Sunday School, or even on vacation with a colorful Bible cover! These covers feature unique designs, including cartoon characters or Bible-inspired themes. They are stylish and practical, keeping Bibles safe from wear and tear while providing a bit of motivation to help kids read scripture more often!

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible verse of the day cards are easy for kids to learn essential verses from scripture. These colorful cards feature one inspirational quote every day, providing children with positive messages and reminders to stay true to their faith. Giving this gift can also help start conversations between parents and children about religious topics, creating a deeper connection and understanding between them.

Gospel Colors Dog Tag Necklace Set

Gospel Colors Dog Tag Necklace Set for Kids


Let kids show off their faith and style with this beautiful Gospel Colors Dog Tag Necklace Set. The set includes five colored dog tags that each feature a different Bible verse – perfect for your little trendsetter! This gift is excellent for children looking to express themselves in fun yet meaningful ways.

Melissa & Doug Days of Creation Stacking and Nesting Blocks

This fun puzzle set is perfect for young children curious about the Bible and its stories. The set features hand-painted illustrations and easy-to-read biblical verses; this game helps kids playfully learn about God’s creation. Melissa & Doug Days of Creation Stacking and Nesting Blocks also encourages problem-solving skills as your child pieces together each block to create the entire set.

Funny Christian Blankets for Kids

Funny Christian Blankets printeeaz

These lovable throws come with tapestry designs with scriptures and animals, giving the recipients something they can cherish while they learn more about the Lord. Funny Christian blankets are a fun way to encourage kids to explore their spirituality that doesn’t come with any of the pressure adults put on them. It’s an entertaining way to help these children practice their prayer life and provide something comforting and cozy on cold winter nights. 

—-> Other Suggestion Christian Gifts For Mom Only For You, Read More:

Christian Art Gifts e Reusable Plastic Sports Water Bottle

This practical and stylish water bottle is perfect for your active child who loves sports and outdoor activities. The Christian Art Gifts e Reusable Plastic Sports Water Bottle features a beautiful design with an inspirational message that can remind them of their faith throughout the day. Plus, this reusable water bottle helps reduce plastic waste – every sip counts!

Faith Smile Stickers

Faith Smile Stickers printeeaz

Give your little one the gift of a smile with these faith-based stickers. These fun and colorful stickers feature beautiful artwork, meaningful quotes, and scripture verses that bring joy to any kid’s heart. They make great rewards for bible study or Sunday School classes, as well as encouraging words during tough moments. Faith Smile Stickers are a great way to share faith and love.

Bible Trivia Game

Test your knowledge of scripture with this fun bible trivia game! It’s a perfect gift for children eager to learn more about the Bible. This educational game covers topics such as bible stories, verses, characters, and books of the Bible – it will surely help children learn more about their faith in a fun and interactive way. Plus, it’s a great way to get the whole family involved!

DaySpring Cross With Poinsettias Religious Hallmark Ornament

DaySpring Cross With Poinsettias Religious Hallmark Ornament printeeaz

Perfect for the holiday season, this religious Hallmark ornament will make your little one smile. This DaySpring Cross with Poinsettias Ornament features a beautiful white cross surrounded by gorgeous poinsettias – a classic symbol of the Christmas holiday. It’s a perfect reminder that the spirit of Christmas isn’t just about the presents, decorations, and lights – it’s all about the birth of Jesus.

Art for a child of God

Canvas art is a great gift idea for any elementary-age child of God. Canvas art helps children stay grounded in their faith and provides a creative outlet that keeps their spiritual growth firmly on track. So, if you’re looking for something special to give your child that reflects their faith, canvas prints can be a meaningful and lasting solution.

Cute Christian Tumbler with Bible Cartoon Characters

This tumbler is perfect for the young and fun-loving Christian. This adorable tumbler helps children express their faith colorfully and creatively by featuring cute designs of biblical cartoon characters. It’s a great gift for kids looking to learn more about their faith while still having fun.

No matter what age group you’re shopping for–babies, toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary-aged kids–there’s no shortage of wonderful Christian gifts for kids out there that will bring joy (and faith!) into their lives. Whether you choose something educational like a puzzle set, inspirational like a stuffed toy, or practical like an action figure, these thoughtful presents are sure to bring big smiles when opened! So go ahead – surprise someone special today! 

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