45+ Christian Father’s Day Gifts for the Father Figure in Your Life

Christian gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is a great time to express your love and appreciation for the father figures in your life. Whether it be a dad, an uncle, or a mentor, these men deserve to be honored and celebrated on this special day. But what can you get the man who has everything? Are you searching for thoughtful Christian Father’s day gifts to show your love and gratitude? Look no further! Here, we have compiled a list of 45 Christian gifts for the father figure in your life. These meaningful presents, from inspiring books to religious jewelry, are sure to make them smile. So get ready to peruse our top picks and say “Happy Father’s Day!” with the perfect gift. Let’s get started! 

A Bible Verse Plaque: 

Gift your dad something special to hang on the wall of his room or workplace with beautiful plaques featuring his favorite Bible verses. He’ll love having a reminder of faith to display to other people while visiting your father’s home!

A Leather Bible:

A Leather Bible printeeaz

Every Christian father figure needs a Bible to learn and grow in his faith. So, this is a classic Christian gift to give to anyone. You can choose from many kinds of Bible versions. Their covers can be traditional leather or illuminated ones enhanced by the decorative application of gold or silver and painted or drawn decoration. These elegant Bibles also include a comprehensive concordance and study guide.

A Christian Hat: 

This Christian-inspired hat is the perfect gift for any man of faith. It is sure to be a hit with embroidered Christianity symbols on the front, such as a cross, pair of angel wings, thorns, and an adjustable strap. Consider gifting this year-round gift to your Christian father figure! 

An Inspirational Christian Bookmark:

Inspirational Christian Bookmark for Dad printeeaz

Help your dad keep his pages in place and track his reading progress in any book with Christianity bookmarks! They come in various designs of colors, backgrounds, and symbols of Jesus Christ. It’s also a great reminder of God’s love and care since there are bookmarks filled with encouraging words from the Bible. Additionally, they are very lightweight and save space in bags. So, if you want to buy these Christian Father’s Day gifts in bulk to gift other dads of, friends or relatives, then the bookstores would love to pack them for you, more profits for them and more happiness for your loved ones! Let’s make your father’s book fancier while still staying true to his religious belief on this occasion! 

“Faith Hope Love” Christian Skinny Tumbler:

Faith Hope Love Christian Skinny Tumbler

Help your dad stay hydrated while keeping faith in mind with this stylish skinny tumbler. It features a “Faith Hope Love” lettering graphic that he’ll love showing off around! Cross, anchor, and heart icons on a dark blue background represent the message of Faith, Hope, and Love from Jesus Christ in succession. Once again, your father will be reminded that God’s love is sacrificial, patient, kind, humble, honest, forgiving, faithful, and selfless, so he won’t stop believing in him, our faith, or lose hope in humanity. There are thousand of Christian tumbler designse available at PrinteeAZ waiting for you to discover. 

A Devotional Book: 

A holy book can provide peace and enlightenment and is a way for your father tracks his praying sessions and thoughts in faith throughout the day’s hustle and bustle. This devotional book includes 365 days-plan of reflective readings and thoughtful prayers. This book is an excellent gift to give to Christian adults. 

A Christian Engraved Leather Wallet:

Christian Engraved Leather Wallet printeeaz

Give your Christian father the gift of faith this Father’s Day with an exquisite leather wallet bearing Bible symbols. Perfect for those who strive to show their love of God and Jesus through outward signs, the wallet makes a stylish and meaningful statement that he can carry with him throughout the day. It features decorative accents inspired by scripture, offering a subtle reminder of his faith and devotion to all who see it. Time will not wait; you should purchase some Christian Father’s Day gifts early to get great deals!

A Christian Necklace: 

What better way to express your faith than with a stylish yet earnest-looking Christian-inspired necklace? The stainless steel necklaces are a classic, but you can also try out other metallic chains such as silver, bronze, or gold. A handmade necklace from the local artisans will give the necklace extra grace. This timeless piece can be worn daily so your father will constantly be reminded of your love for him.

A Bible-related Bracelet:

Bracelet Bible scripture gift for dad printeeaz

Show your dad how much you care about him on this special occasion with a Bible verses bracelet. This heartfelt piece is sure to make him feel blessed and content. Being mindful of which materials of the bracelet can potentially scratch your father’s wrist is one of the considering shopping factors for this gift. Aside from that, this portable and lightweight gift will be perfect for any fashionable Christian dad!

A Christian Tea Set:

Surprise your Christian dad with a unique, timeless gift for Father’s Day with a beautiful Christian-centered Tea Set. These gifts are designed to bring joy to any house of God’s worshippers. Furthermore, they are symbolic of the teachings in the Bible. They are elegant and intricately detailed items made of porcelain, ceramic, or terracotta. They will help your father remember Jesus’ love and dedication whenever enjoying every cup of tea he makes. The set also adorns his living room which allows embodying Christianity’s values aesthetically and pleasingly.

“Called By Jesus To Be Different” Christian Blanket:

Called By Jesus To Be Different Christian Blanket

This cozy “Called By Jesus To Be Different” Christian Blanket on POD PrinteeAZ is perfect for cool nights and mornings. It will be a great addition to your father’s private bedroom. A combination of fern and emerald green background seems to bring fresh breezes into his home, with big wavy letters in white striking among cadmium green alstroemeria patterns. Premium polyester white velvet combined with high-quality cotton will provide ultra-softness to the user. Also, the inspirational Christianity message on the blanket will remind him of his faith each time he wraps himself in comfort. Suit up and find more suitable Christian gifts for your dear father there!

A Leather Bible Cover:

Leather Bible Cover for Dad printeeaz

Protect his Bible with an elegant Christian pattern carved on its leather cover, making it waterproof and safe from the dust of time! The body comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Some shops accept carving requests for a personalized touch to the cover surface. Carefully choose one of the Christian gifts for dad that suits his taste to make him happy!

A Prayer Journal: 

Help your Christian dad stay organized, on track, and focused while deepening his faith with a prayer journal! This leather-bound or illuminated cover with golden patterns journal also includes Bible verse references and devotional readings for daily inspiration. Time to gift your father a new way to demonstrate his strong faith in Jesus Christ and his holy teachings.

A Christian Mobile Phone Holder:

Christian Mobile Phone Holder printeeaz

Keep his phone safe and close while still being inspired by convenient and meaningful Christian-themed mobile phone holders! This gift is perfect for the active dad who’s always on the go and wants a practical gadget to bring to places. Its surfaces have Bible verses or Christianity symbols printed for decoration purposes, and the back’s glue is strong and has a quick set time, fitting to stick on the phone’s back and keep the phone steady at all times on tables, shelves, etc. So, this way, your father can save the energy of holding his phone and be able to follow Jesus Christ’s guide closely on whatever Christian stuff he is watching or reading on that phone instead.

A Pair of Christian-themed Socks: 

Pair of Christian themed Socks printeeaz

Keep your dad’s feet warm and comfortable in winter or cold days with Christian-themed socks. They will surely be a bop when paired with his favorite shoes and clothes. A tremendous additional fashion accessory for his closet! You can buy them in bundles, too, so if you are on a fixed budget, this option is worth considering when buying your father something special! 

“Faith Of Christian” Hoodies Gift:

Faith Of Christian Hoodies Gift

Let your dad proudly show off his faith with this stylish hoodie featuring a “Faith Of Christian” graphic. He’ll stay warm and comfortable while spreading the word of Jesus! A mix of dark brown and white colors, with a big cross and a human figure in the middle, represents loyal followers of God just like your dear father; thus, making this a wonderful Christian hoodie gift on this special Father’s Day, celebrating all the dads and their hard work— always trying their best to make their families happy and stay prosperous.

A Religious Bookend:

This beautiful religious-themed bookend is a great way to help keep his books organized and steady while reading and also offers him a reminder of faith in God. Choose from a range of designs that feature symbols and words of encouragement from the Bible, meaningful Christian sayings, lessons in church, etc. They have many color painting surfaces, too, so be sure to choose the right tone to complement your father’s wall paints. 

A Religious Wall Sign:

Be Still And Know That I Am God Lion Christian Canvas Wall Art

Remind your dad of his faith every time he enters the rooms in his house with creative Christian wall signs. Makeover his room to be filled with the Words of God! The symptoms can be made of wood or canvas. The decorations can be in premium latex inks or lines from wood fire-carving technique, ensuring that your father will enjoy this art for years to come because the patterns and colors won’t fade over time! These signs will make great Father’s Day gifts for Christian dads; it is time to take action and buy some!

A Christian-centered Keychain:

Christian centered Keychain printeeaz

Keep his keys organized, and faith stays in one place with a Christinity-inspired keychain! This stylish accessory is sure to make him smile as a gift. They are in reasonable sizes, so they can be carried around places with a strong, stainless steel ring to put keys or charms into that solid ring. Your father won’t be disappointed with this lovely gift, and you can save your budget at the same time! 

“Heaven Knows My Name” Christian Sweater:

Heaven Knows My Name Christian Sweater

Help your dad stay warm and cozy with this chic Christian sweater featuring a “Heaven Knows My Name” wording graphic. It’s perfect for a chilly fall or winter day. A blend of orange, black and white border patterns with two black crosses on each side of the sweater’s arms and the wording message with Jesus himself in the middle details are its general design. It serves as a reminder of God’s holy sacrifice, so your father is touched by this meaningful image and would love to wear it wherever he goes to show off his belief proudly. This sweater on POD PrinteeAZ will be a wonderful Father’s Day gift for you to buy. 

A Christian-themed Garden Statue: 

Assist your Christian dad in turning his garden into an oasis of faith with a Christian-themed garden statue! Choose from angels, saints, Jesus, and other inspirational Christian figures to bring beauty and serenity to his backyard. These statues are made from outdoor grade resin or even marble to withstand the changing weather conditions, so your dad can enjoy seeing them for years to come and be reminded of your care for his belief.

A Christian Refrigerator Magnet:

Christian Refrigerator Magnet printeeaz 1


Stick up inspiring reminders around your dad’s fridge with these varied Christian-designed magnets! They’re perfect for the home fridge or any metal surface that holds magnets’ force. They have many different shapes, such as classic rectangular or square shapes, and symbolic shapes like a cross shape or even a butterfly shape based on the printing designs. The sentiments are presented in an attractive flowing font, so your father will be happy and proud of his belief whenever he sees it.

A Christian Music Album for Dad music lovers

Fresh and soothing your father’s troubled mind with relaxing and meaningful Christian music. They will be available on online and offline platforms. Consider choosing worship songs and chants of famous artists among the Christian community since they come of high quality and their lyrics are meaningful and Christianity-related. This album will be new cherished Father’s Day gifts for Christian dads everywhere.

“Christian Hope Academy” Christian Stickers:

Christian Hope Academy Christian Stickers

A circle-shape with a green border design on a white background, the “Christian Hope Academy” Christian Stickers are one of the most interesting-looking sticker packs selling on PrinteeAZ. Combining with the “Hold Fast to Our Hope” lettering design and imposing mountains imagery, it represents the immense strength of Lord Jesus’s loyal followers when believing in his faith and doing many good deeds in life. This sticker set is suitable for any occasion, including Father’s Day. It is a beautiful way to celebrate your favorite Christian family members and support their beliefs. Let’s go check them out!  

A Christian 3D Wall Decal:

Christian 3D Wall Decal printeeaz

Spread faith and hope throughout the home with a Christian 3D wall decal with a light-reflecting effect! This decal comes in several sizes with various background sceneries or patterns. The film is made with premium materials, and it does not have any color. Still, it creates a rainbow effect when brilliant rays of sunlight beam shine through or under intense lights from many sources, turning your father’s room into an enchanting, wondrous Christian Rainbow Sanctuary. The glue behind the decal’s back will be super sticky and strong to last long on flat surfaces. For a personalized touch, you can also order these Christian Father’s Day gifts based on your father’s favorite Bible quotes or famous Christian sayings. 

A Christian Poster Print:

Give your dad something special to hang with Christian poster prints in his office or room! He’ll love having an influential reminder of faith with fancy Jesus Christ background details on display! The makers can personalize the posters upon request for them so that they can stay distinctive and original for each recipient. Do not be afraid to reveal your father’s preferences to the makers with this gift; any designer’s instinct is to make it as impressive as possible so that you will definitely get something worthwhile for your budget and time!

A Christian Sculpture: 

Give your Christian father something special to display openly in his room or furniture featuring Christian figures or symbols in solid materials. Traditional sculptures often have a creamy white marble, ivory, or plaster coat. Some are also made of stone, wood, metal, and clay. You can choose a fitting sculpture based on your budget and your father’s taste. This art piece will be a sophisticated present to give to your Christian father on Father’s Day!

“But God” Christian Mug:

But God... Christian Mug

Remind your Christian father to stay firm and faithful toward God with this “But God” Christian Mug. It’s perfect for giving him a little extra push of faith each morning when he enjoys his favorite drinks. Designed with repetitive letter patterns of “But God” in a wavy style, the mug looks exciting and lively to the recipient, and it will be a wonderful gift to help your father start a new day with a cheerful attitude. The message comes across to us as: Without any doubt, God will keep staying by our side and bless us with precious teaching and guidance!

A Christian Mug Coaster: 

Christian Mug Coaster printeeaz

Let your dad enjoy his favorite beverage in style with a stylish and practical Christian mug coaster. They will help hold any mug or cup in place, preventing steam and drops from water stagnation from ruining your dad’s table. A beautiful touch to your father’s decor items with these diverse-design coasters that can be handmade crochet or industrially embroidered. A great housewarming and Christian gift for your father to celebrate his special day!

A Christian-themed Lighter:

Show your dad how much you care with a Christian-themed lighter on Father’s Day. This tool is perfect for the outdoorsman who loves to grill or light a fire in his backyard for burning to discard things. The scripture messages and God’s guidance carved on the lighter will keep reminding him to be mindful of the life choices he will make when using it. The small item also comes in reasonable sizes for pockets, so he can bring this lighter anywhere and put it into use anytime he needs it. 

A Religious-themed Pocket Knife:

Religious engrave Pocket Knife printeeaz

Practical pocket knives with a religious-themed handle are perfect Christian gifts for dads who love to take their tools on the go and bring their faith with them. It is compact, agile, and ready to face any adventure head-on with your dad. Its utility and intelligent design with stainless steel construction encased in popular scales offer a slimmer profile that will help him keep this special knife close by. Also, it will always remind you of your love and concern for him without sacrificing space. It makes a great gift for any occasion like this special day.

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“Fall For Jesus” Christian Hawaiian Shirt:Fall for Jesus Christian Hawaiian Shirt

Show your dad some modish style and faith with this “Fall For Jesus” Christian Hawaiian Shirt. It is an orange and yellow Hawaiian Shirt featuring a pun phrase of “Fall For Jesus” with an autumn-themed print that he’ll love wearing in any cool and hot season! They come in varied sizes for every body type so that anyone can wear this dashing shirt design at a reasonable price! If you are interested in Christian Hawaiian shirt gift, go to POD PrinteeAZ for more information and similar gifts!

A Christian-themed Wristwatch:

Show your dad how much you care with this stylish wristwatch featuring a Christian-themed design inside the plate. The watch’s band can be made of leather or metal, such as stainless steel, to stay sturdy and sweat-resistant on one’s hand. It is a timeless piece of gift that he’ll love to have. It is like having a portable reminder of faith and your genuine paternity love for him on his wrist!

An Ichthys Car Emblem: 

Let your dad share his faith and religious belief without having to use words out loud on the go with this Jesus Fish car emblem! It’s perfect for the rearview mirror as an interior car accessory. The emblem can also be a car deodorant or a metallic one for stylish-looking. Both your father and his dear vehicle will send you great thanks for this lovely gift!

A Christian-themed Candle:

Christian themed Candle printeeaz

Let your dad enjoy a peaceful and calming praying atmosphere with these scripture candles. Each candle has a beautiful Bible verse or iconic Christianity icons printed for an extra special touch. It gives out a warm glow with a fragrant scent, calming the mind of the wanderers to stay on track with faith in God.

A Christian-themed Flashlight: 

A rugged flashlight with a Christian theme is perfect for any dad who loves outdoor activities at night. With its powerful beam and body design, he’ll never need to worry about finding his way in the dark and ease his stress by reminding him of God’s protection. Buy some nice wrapping paper, too, and make a lovely Father’s Day gift out of it!

“Be Strong And Courageous Cross” Christian Canvas Wall Art:

Be Strong And Courageous Cross Christian Canvas Wall Art

Send him your father “Be Strong And Courageous Cross” Christian Canvas Wall Art to brighten up his house with encouragement and a positive push through impactful Christian messages. Featuring a sunset setting with rainbow colors, mountains scenery with a quote from Joshua 1:9 – These powerful words will touch the recipient’s soul. He will also have an easy time installing this on his wall with the hanging hardware on the back, but better yet, this wall art will be the first thing people notice when they walk into your father’s room, and it’ll impress them and be inspired by God, too! He’ll be excited by the quality of your new artwork gift and proud to show God’s Word and your love on his wall.

A Christian Throw Pillow:

A Christian Throw Pillow printeeaz.com

Give your dad something special to cuddle up with a Christian throw pillow. It’s perfect for adding a little faith to any living space. Designed with Christianity symbols and Bible icons, it will be an additional small but endearing decorative pillow. These items can be placed on a chair or couch for snuggling on cold days whenever your dad feels lonely and need to think of the Lord Jesus and His insights.

A Christian-centered Picture Frame: 

Show your dad how much you care and brighten up your family photo with a beautiful picture frame featuring a stable and meaningful frame carving details of Christianity. Your Christian father figures would love to have this as a special reminder of faith and his love for family in his home.

A Christian-themed Laptop Sleeve:

Christian themed Laptop Sleeve printeeaz

Let your dad take his faith on the go with stylish custom scripture Christian and Holy Spirit symbols laptop sleeves. It’s perfect for protecting your dad’s laptop devices from everyday wear and tear. It also includes inner pockets and many compartments for other laptop accessories. It is a practical and religious gift idea for your Christian father to cherish and apply in his daily routine!

A Religious-themed Pen Set:

 Give your dad something special to write down daily information or Bible notes with a religious-themed pen set. It comes in several colors and many amounts of pens. It will surely make a great addition to his working desk and bags. These Christian Father’s Day gifts in bulk are a great deal to get, so your dad can have spare pens to use whenever the old ones run out of ink. These made small but lovely gifts; what are you waiting for? Go to the bookstore and grab some as soon as possible!

A Religious-themed Phone Case:

Religious themed Phone Case printeeaz

Show your dad how much you love and care about him with Christianity-themed phone cases! It’s ideal for protecting his phone from everyday damage while adding an extra touch of faith in God with a colorful and detailed paint coat.

“Jesus is Calling” Christian T Shirts:

Jesus is Calling Christian T Shirts

Show your dad some style and faith with this modern Christian T-Shirt featuring a “Jesus Is Calling” font graphic with Jesus holding candy canes. This gift will be an excellent choice for humorous and open-minded Christian fathers. Not only this lightweight, breathable fabric is suitable for regular wear, but also it is perfect for warmer weather. Moreover, it comes in several colors and sizes. This funny T shirt will make a great addition to his everyday wardrobe. He’ll love wearing it to church or out around town! Consider getting him one or similar products on PrinteeAZ today!

A Christian Scripture Jar: 

Let your dad keep his faith close at hand with a Christian scripture jar with inspiring Bible verses or pictures of Jesus and his angel servants. It’s perfect for storing small trinkets like coins, stones, and paperclips. They can be stored away, and their outer cover will serve as a reminder of God’s presence in your father’s life. 

 A Christian Acrylic Standee:

Christian Acrylic Standee printeeaz

Give your dad’s room or desk a makeover with modern Christian Acrylic Standees with LED lights! As its name suggests, the material will be acrylic, and its transparent feature will allow the colorful LED lights to shine through when turning on the switch. A modern item that the receivers won’t have to sacrifice their display space too much to decorate the home. 

A Christian Calendar: 

Let your dad stay organized and on track with dates in the year while keeping his devotion in mind with trendy Christian-themed calendars. It’s perfect for reminding him of upcoming important dates while decorating the furniture or shelves they are displayed on. 

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” Christian Stickers:Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Christian Stickers

Let your dad spread the word of Jesus with these cute Christian stickers. They’re perfect for decorating his laptop, car, or any other item he chooses! The letters have warm and cool tone colors, with a bouncy-looking font that gives a silly look but is not offensive – They are super fitting for any fun-personality Christian dads out there! Also, at PrinteeAZ, they offer more similar designs with a variety of colors for buyers to choose from as gifts, so consider visiting the site for new Father’s Day presents!

Whatever gift you ultimately choose, remember that it’s the genuine thought that counts. A heartfelt card or a personal note packed with your chosen gifts will go a long way toward showing the father figure in your life how much you care about him and his belief. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post – we hope you found it helpful! Happy Father’s Day to all the good fathers out there!

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