60 Best Unique Gifts for Christian to Show Their Faith

Unique Gifts for Christian

Acts 20:35 said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” which explains the concept of gift-giving excellently. Giving gifts to those you care about is a great way to show your love and appreciation, especially if it’s something special and unique that reflects their faith. With this in mind, we’ve put together 60 unique Christian gift ideas to show off their spirituality and demonstrate your thoughts and feelings. 

1. Christian jewelry

Christian jewelry

Christian jewelry is a great way to express faith and show devotion to God. This type of jewelry often features symbols such as crosses, angels, fish, or doves that remind us of our connection with the divine and God’s eternal love for us. Some pieces include words like “belief,” “pray,” or “love” to remind us of our Christian values. Others feature Scripture passages that help bring comfort and strength during difficult times. Christian jewelry is a perfect gift for those who need an extra reminder that God is always with them.

2. Unique Prayer Bracelet

Unique Prayer Bracelet

Show your Christian devotion with a meaningful gift! Surprise someone special by gifting them a prayer bracelet with an uplifting message or biblical verse inscribed onto its beautiful design. This will be sure to inspire faith in the wearer every time it’s glanced at!

3. Scripture Art Print

Scripture Art Print

Get creative and create a scriptural artwork print that they can hang up in their home to remind them of God’s love.

4. Christian t-shirts

Jesus-Pastor-Christian-T-Shirts Gifts

Christian-themed t-shirts are a great gift for your loved ones who believe in God. Whether you’re looking for Christian t-shirts for men or Christian t-shirts for women, there are thousands of ideas to satisfy every Christian’s faith. Not only are Christian t-shirts aesthetically pleasing, but they often have meaningful bible verses written on them to remind their wearer of faith and hope. These gifts will surely surprise recipients and make a lasting impression that will surely be appreciated – what better way to show Christian believers you care!

5. Faith-Themed Jewelry

Faith Themed Jewelry

Faith-themed jewelry makes great gifts, whether a cross pendant, rosary beads, or any other form of religious jewelry!

6. Bible Cover

Bible Cover

For gifts for Christians, consider a Bible cover. It is an ideal item to protect your believers’ Bible – after all, the most treasured words on Earth deserve the proper care and respect. An added benefit is that with a wide selection of designs and colors, you can choose something to fit their personal style. Bible covers come in classic shapes and sizes, as well as unique new options that make gifts extra special. 

7. Christian Books and Bibles

Christian books and Bibles can be valuable resources for spiritual growth and guidance. The Bible is filled with timeless wisdom and insight, while Christian books can offer additional insight into how to live a life of faith. Whether it’s devotional literature, Christian fiction, or biographies of church leaders, these books allow us to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Christianity. They also make great gifts for family members and friends who are looking for spiritual nourishment.

8. Custom Cross Carved With Their Name

A custom cross carved with their name or special message is an unforgettable gift that will always remind them of God’s love.

9. Bible Verse Magnets

Customizable magnets featuring bible verses or other inspirational messages are a great way to spread joy and encouragement in any living space.

10.God Is My Guide Compass

This compass, crafted with a beautiful silver finish, will provide guidance and direction as the individual journeys through their faith journey. Embellished with an inspiring inscription from Proverbs 3:6, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths,” this compass reminds them of God’s presence in their lives no matter where they go. The God Is My Guide Compass also features an inspirational design on the backside – featuring a dove representing the Holy Spirit – providing further spiritual nourishment throughout their travels.

11. Christian Coloring Book

Help your loved one relax with the soothing activity of coloring in an adult-style Christian-themed coloring book full of scripture and spiritual images.

12. Christian blanket

Christian blanket

Christian blankets make thoughtful gifts for Christian believers. Perfectly crafted to inspire faith and warmth, Christian blanket gifts feature Christian-inspired designs and Bible verses that promote spirituality. Our Christian blanket collection includes charming spiritual throw blankets with subtle accents or detailed designs, such as the Jesus is the light John 1:4-5 blanket or the Trust in the Lord always Isaiah 26:4 design. You can also choose a Christian blanket featuring a cross icon representing the Christian faith for an extra special touch. Whether searching for a Christian gift for a special someone or an inspirational reminder for yourself, these Christian blanket gifts will provide comfort and solace in tough times.

13. Positive Quote Cards

Spread hope and joy to your Christian friends with a set of inspiring quote cards. These are perfect for tucking into pockets or purses, so they can stay motivated throughout their day!

14. Bible Reading Planner

Keeping on track with your bible reading goals can be a challenge. Fortunately, gifts for Christians like a Bible Reading Planner can make that task easier! With a Bible Reading Planner, you’ll have everything you need to keep organized and motivated as you work through the Bible’s many chapters. The thoughtful gifts for Christians in your life won’t be able to help but be successful in their devotional pursuits.

15. Christian Jewelry Boxes

Christian jewelry boxes are a great way to store our most treasured pieces of faith-inspired jewelry. These beautiful boxes often feature Scripture verses, crosses, and other religious symbols that remind us of God’s presence and love. Whether they’re placed on a dresser or nightstand, Christian jewelry boxes can offer an extra touch of spirituality to any home or office.

16. Inspirational Christian Book

Christian books can make excellent mementos to keep and refer back to in times of reflection on faith-based topics. An inspirational Christian book can be a great choice for those looking for meaningful gift ideas for Christians. Books are often said to be one of the most important sources of uncovering our spirituality and connecting with our faith. Not only is it useful for edifying one’s own spiritual life, but it also makes an excellent gift option to share knowledge with others.

17. Religious Coffee Table Book

Liven up their home decor and show off their faith with an inspirational coffee table book featuring religious stories, art, and photographs.

18. Christian pillow

Christian pillow

Christian believers now have a special Christian pillow designed with them in mind to bring comfort and joy while they sleep. This beautiful Christian pillow features an Eden garden and Heaven, paired with soothing comfort bible verses printed on the pillowcase offering peaceful environments to lull the believer into a restful sleep. Moreover, this stylish Christian pillow also can use as a stylish piece of Christian-inspired interior decoration in any room you choose.

19. Personalized Cross Necklace

Personalized Cross Necklace

One creative way to show love and faith is by customizing a cross necklace. The uniqueness of the design can make it even more special and create a one-of-a-kind gift to show your Christian how much you care. Not only will it show your thoughtfulness and effort, but it will also symbolize their faith in Jesus. With endless possibilities when designing your own customized cross necklace, the sky’s the limit!

20. Christian Paintings

Christian paintings are a great way to decorate your home or office with reminders of God’s presence and love. Paintings featuring Scripture verses crosses, or other religious symbols can add beauty and inspire reflection on spiritual matters. Whether hung on the wall or a shelf, Christian paintings can give any room an extra touch of faith.

21. Men’s Christian Necktie: 

Mens Christian Necktie

Men’s Christian neckties are the perfect gifts for those who want to publicly share their faith without being ostentatious. They also provide an opportunity to add a touch of style to a professional wardrobe. With its rich symbolism, this timeless item will make any man stand out with its beautiful patterns and color choices that make it both discrete and classy. No matter what type of look a Christian man tries to achieve, there’s sure to be the perfect piece in our selection of neatly crafted men’s Christian neckties that will truly represent the wearer’s spiritual side tastefully.

22. Hand-Lettered Scripture Art

Get creative and create hand-lettered scripture art that they can hang up in their home and be reminded of God’s love daily.

23. Christian hoodies

Give your loved one a truly special gift by investing in Christian hoodies this holiday season. With Christian designs ranging from Jesus’s death on the cross and bible verses to the holy spirit, Christian hoodies are an excellent way to show off one’s faith. For example, Christian hoodies for men can display powerful bible quotes such as from the ten commandments; Christian hoodies for women can display beautiful artwork or inspiring mantras. Whichever design you go with, Christian hoodies are sure to bring the wearer joy and a reminder of their strong spiritual beliefs.

24. Scripture Crossword Puzzles

Have some fun while learning more about the Bible with scripture crossword puzzles as an enjoyable diversion from daily life.

25. Bible Bookmark Set

Help them keep their place in the Bible with these attractive bookmarks featuring bible verses and other spiritual messages.

26. Christian canvas wall art

Christian canvas wall art

You may want to show your faith through Christian canvas wall art as a Christian believer. The perfect Christian canvas wall art gifts include images such as the Lion and Lamp symbolizing God’s strength as well as Jesus’ hands reaching out in love. Both of these enriching images will add meaningful value to any environment. Whether giving them as a gift or placing them in your own home, Christian canvas wall art is an excellent way to express and honor your faith for yourself and others.

27. Christian Board Games

Christian Board Games

Gather around the table and have some family-friendly fun with a variety of board games that feature spiritual or biblical themes.

28. Scripture Memory Cards

Scripture Memory Cards

Help build up their faith and strengthen their understanding of God’s word through scripture memory cards!

29. Christian Mugs With Quote

Christian mugs make perfect Christian gifts for believers, allowing them to proclaim their faith and draw spiritual inspiration as they savor the morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea. Christian mugs come in various unique styles and designs, including one with a beautiful castle background that celebrates Jesus’s birth. Each Christian mug may also bear Scripture verses and inspirational quotes from the old and new testaments, providing a deeper source of Christian guidance and reflection during your sip. Christian mug gifts are sure to spread God’s love with every cup!

30. Christian Phone Case

Buying one of these unique phone cases allows Christians the chance to spread their faith through their fashion, providing a constant reminder of God’s love wherever they go. Not only do they act as an expression of faith, but they also protect against wear and tear while giving phones personality and style. With so many design options available—from classic scripture references to contemporary artwork depicting stories from the Bible—there’s sure to be something that suits any individual’s taste.

31. Spiritual Keychains

Gifts Ideas for Christians are always appreciated, and nothing helps remind them of God’s love like spiritual keychains. They can find comfort and strength in the scripture inscriptions and fun, bright colors. No matter where they go, these keychains will help keep them focused on their faith with every glance. It’s a great way to keep a reminder of spirituality close at hand when things might seem out of our control.

32. Christian Music Album

Christian music Album is a great way to express faith and honor the Lord. Music has the power to uplift our spirits and offer comfort during difficult times. There’s something for everyone, from classic gospel hymns to contemporary Christian rock. We can use Christian music as a tool for reflection, meditation, or worship – it allows us to express our faith in an engaging and meaningful way.

33. Religious Wall Art

Religious Wall Art

Whether you’re shopping for a close friend or family member, religious wall art is ideal for conveying belief and sharing love, especially for Christian believers. Religious wall art features inspiring bible verses, artwork depicting sacred events or figures, and other depictions of faith that will bring comfort and joy to any Christian home. For those looking for something special, personalized options with customizable text and designs make each piece truly unique.

34. Christian Hawaiian shirt

Jesus Lion Are Glowing Christian Hawaiian Shirt

For Christian believers, Hawaiian shirt gifts are a great way to give back to their faith and express pride in being a Christian. Whether you choose the traditional Jesus design, such as the Jesus Hawaiian shirt with the bible and beach background, or the more modern cross design on the shirt, these Christian Hawaiian shirts will be sure to put a smile on their faces. For those looking for added peace and comfort, choose a Christian Hawaiian shirt that includes a motivational Bible verse on the back of it. Whether they’re simply strolling down the street or attending church, they can feel that underlying sense of peace that comes with proclaiming one’s Christian beliefs. No matter which Christian Hawaiian shirt you choose, your loved one is sure to appreciate it!

35. Christian Journal

Help your loved one document their faith journey with a beautiful, inspirational journal.

36. Religious Decorative Boxes

Religious Decorative Boxes

Give them something practical that also reminds them of God’s love with decorative boxes featuring scripture or spiritual designs.

37. Christian Stickers

Christian Stickers

Christian Stickers are the perfect gifts for Christian believers. Not only do they express a Christian’s faith and values, but they also make a great addition to any Christian’s collection. They can be used to decorate the homes of Christian families who trust God and want to show it. Christian stickers are also meaningful for Christian kids, so they can stick them on Bibles or any other books they love. Most of the Christian stickers feature artworks such as the Bible, scripture, the Gospel of Jesus, and plant and sheep metaphors, proving their spiritual symbolism and use in Christian culture and societies. Moreover, Christian sticker gifts are highly customizable and unique— sure to provide lasting memories for a Christian believer near you.

38. Religious Candle

Religious Candle

Bring spiritual light into any room with an aromatherapy candle featuring a bible verse or meaningful religious message!

39. Engraved Leather Wallet

Engraved Leather Wallet

Give them the gift of a stylish and functional accessory with an engraved leather wallet featuring scripture or other spiritual messages. 

40. Christian sweater

Christian sweater

Christian sweaters are perfect gifts for Christian believers, especially during Christmas! Christian sweaters keep the recipient warm in the winter months and serve as a beautiful reminder of their faith and belief that Jesus has come to the world as Savior. Christian sweaters are popularly decorated with inspiring bible texts against stunning winter backgrounds – an apt representation of Christian life. These Christian sweaters make wonderful gifts not only for believers on Christmas but especially any other day when it’s cold outside.

41. Christian-Themed Scarf

Christian Themed Scarf

Get creative and wrap up your loved one in style with a scarf featuring an inspirational quote from the Bible or other religious texts.

42. Faithful Friends Picture Frame

Faithful Friends Picture Frame is a unique and thoughtful way to show your faith. Perfect for any occasion, this beautiful Faithful Friends Picture Frame is crafted with high-quality materials and features exquisite detailing that makes it stand out among other frames. The frame also has an inspiring message etched into its border, reminding the recipient of their faithful friends who are always there for them. Not only does this frame make a great gift for Christians, but it also serves as a great conversation starter and a reminder of God’s love. So why not give the special someone in your life this beautiful picture frame? They will be sure to appreciate it!

43. Christian plaques

Christian plaques

Christian plaques are a beautiful way to express faith in any home or office. These plaques often feature Scripture verses and inspirational quotes from the Bible, reminding us of God’s love and grace. Christian plaques can also be used to decorate a church or Sunday school classroom, providing an extra touch of beauty and spirituality. Whether they’re hung up on the wall or placed on a desk or bookshelf, Christian plaques provide a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness and love.

44. Motivational Water Bottle With Time Marker

Help them stay hydrated and on track with their bible reading plan with a motivational water bottle.

45. Customized Religious Wood Sign

Add charm to any home decor while spreading an inspiring message with a customized wood sign featuring scripture or other spiritual messages.

46. Christian Home Décor

Christian home décor is another great way to express one’s faith. Wall art featuring Scripture verses, inspirational quotes from the Bible, and crosses remind us of God’s presence in our lives. Figurines such as angels, birds, and animals bring peace and comfort to any room, while candles and incense offer an extra serenity. Christian home décor is the perfect way to remind ourselves and our loved ones that God will never leave us during tough times.

47. Devotional Bookmark Set

Help keep them organized and on track with their devotions by gifting a set of bookmarks featuring bible verses or other religious messages.

48. Stainless Steel Cross Dog Tag Necklaces for Men

Stainless Steel Cross Dog Tag Necklaces for Men

This stainless steel necklace is beautifully crafted with intricate details, including a cross cut in the center of the dog tag, high polished edges, and the Lord’s prayer engraved on the back. It has a timeless design that looks great on any man and can easily be worn daily as a reminder of faith and devotion. The durable material won’t tarnish or rust, making it perfect for long-term wear. Whether you’re looking for something special for a young Christian man or just trying to spread love and compassion, this stainless steel dog tag necklace makes an amazing gift that any man will appreciate.

49. Erasable Pens For Bible Study

Help make bible study easier with erasable pens that can be used to take notes or highlight important verses. 

50. Christian tumbler

Christian tumbler

Christian tumblers have become an increasingly popular way for believers to express their faith. These tumblers feature spiritual affirmations and biblical verses, such as “I can do all things through Christ” or the beauty of Heaven. Christian tumblers are designed with high-quality materials and often feature intricate artwork, vibrant colors, and artisanship that helps Christian believers spread the word while they go about their day. Christian tumblers are a great way to remind individuals of God’s love even during times of struggle, offering solace and reminding them of God’s faithfulness in tough times.

51. Faithful Friends Plush Toys

Give the gift of friendly companionship with these faithful friends plush toys that are perfect for any age!

52. Christian Cross & Jesus Religious Socks

Christian Cross Jesus Religious Socks

Let them show off their Bible verse-filled style with a pair of socks that feature religious images and scriptures.

53. Bible Verse Inspirational Wristband

Bible Verse Inspirational Wristband

With these Bible Verse Inspirational Wristbands, Christians can easily display their faith fashionably! This stylish wristband features an inspirational Bible verse, and the selection of over 100 verses means that there is something for everyone. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves as an uplifting reminder of faith throughout the day.

54. Bible Verse Tote Bag

Bible Verse Tote Bag

Please make sure they never forget about their faith wherever they go with a tote bag featuring scripture or other religious messages.

55. Inspirational LED Night Light

Inspirational LED Night Light

Let their faith guide the way with a special night light featuring bible verses or other spiritual messages.

56. Christian Gift Pen With an Engraved Bible Verse

Christian Gift Pen With an Engraved Bible Verse

A Christian Gift Pen With an Engraved Bible Verse is an ideal gift for Christians to show their faith. Not only does the pen feature a meaningful bible verse on its side, but it also serves many practical functions. The pen includes an LED light, making it easy to use in dark spaces such as cars, while the stylus allows you to use it with touchscreens. Best of all, this gift is affordable and small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet. Perfect as a birthday present can be used to complete everyday tasks such as taking notes and writing emails, combined with the message that believing in yourself and the power of the Lord will inspire the recipient each day!

57. Sailboat Figurines with Bible verses

Sailboat figurines with bible verses make wonderful and unique gifts for Christians who want to show their faith. Emblazoned with Mathew 5:3, these extraordinary figurines can be found in various sizes and materials. Not only will the inspirational verse bring comfort and thoughtful reflection, but each boat’s intricate details will make any home or office décor look elegant and graceful. These sailboats represent faith and style, perfect for a desk, shelf, or bedside table. With so many options available, these sailboat figurines are sure to fit any budget and make an unforgettable gift for anyone who expresses their faith through meaningful symbols.

58. Hand-Stamped Bracelet

Hand Stamped Bracelet

Show off their faith with a custom hand-stamped bracelet that features scripture or other religious messages.

59. Christian Guitar picks | Jesus Christ Guitar Picks

Christian Guitar picks Jesus Christ Guitar Picks

Christian guitar picks – often featuring a Jesus Christ silhouette – are becoming increasingly popular as unique gifts for Christians who want to show their faith in a tangible way. Not only are these picks inexpensive and easy to find, but they also make an incredibly meaningful statement about one’s faith. The picks can be found online and at many retailers that specialize in religious items and come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. They also have a very special meaning backed up by scripture – giving one the opportunity to express their trust in God while playing their favorite musical instrument. Not only are these custom guitar picks perfect for personal use, but they also make great gifts for friends and family members who share your beliefs.

60. Amazing Grace Music Score Wooden Music Box 

The Amazing Grace Music Score Wooden Music Box is not only a great decorative piece but also plays the iconic hymn “Amazing Grace,” allowing the Christian recipients to be reminded of their faith each time they hear its soothing melody. Crafted with intricate detail and made from quality wood, this one-of-a-kind music box truly stands out from the rest and can be treasured for years to come. Moreover, it includes two drawers where items such as jewelry can be stored, making it even more unique. 

With all these options, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to show how much you care about your loved one’s faith! Whether it’s giving them something special to wear, decorating their home with, or something to help them grow closer to God, you’ll find the perfect gift to make your loved one smile.

So go ahead and choose the right present for your special someone today! With these gifts, you can show them how much you care about their beliefs and encourage them in their faith journey. Happy shopping!

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day.

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